Trouble in Paradise

Sometimes I get so caught up in my own little world that even the smallest, most insignificantly bad things that happen send me spiraling into anger and frustration. 

I think we're all guilty of spending too much time thinking about things we don't have, than being grateful for the things we do have. It's all relative I guess: Innate- media surrounds us with idealistic images so we compare our 'behind the scenes' with everyone else's 'highlights reel'.

Skinner, more tanned, more successful, richer, living in the sun, new shoes, better job... you know the call. So I was thinking today (after a grocery shop in the wake of the Oklahoma tornado) why I complain about things so often... I decided to make a list to remind me of all the things I should be grateful (or remind myself more often, to be grateful) for...

I have an apartment in London, a car, a house in the countryside and a villa in Italy. I have a boyfriend who loves me and parents who support me - a sister who is like a best friend and a best friend who is like a sister. I have health, freedom and an allowance. Some of the world's best shops on my door step and gorgeous parks a tube journey away. I have friends who don't judge me, uni lectures that keep my imagination and passion to learn alive, books to enthrall me and a kitchen to bake in. I have a river to look out on, candles to burn, a bath to relax in and wine to drink. I have a holiday to crete and a cinema around the corner - museums to visit, bikes to ride, coffee to drink and restaurants to try.


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