Documenting life

Overcome with emotion from reading 'the road is home' - I've remembered (or should I say, rekindled?) my love and passion for documenting everything and anything that brings happiness and meaning to my life. Unfortunately, I come from a close circle of people in my life who do not like to be captured of film (my mother, my sister and my man) - thus making it hard to truly hold the moment forever. In the rare times that I am able to catch them (perhaps sometimes off guard), it reminds me that precious, fleeting moments are sometimes the ones that mean the most to us in the long haul.

Here are a few of those captured moments I want to remember throughout my life.

The flat as it was August 2013

Adriana's dip dyed hair in the wind whilst on the boat

My favorite breakfast of all time - hotel continental. Eaten, unashamedly, whilst wearing fluffy bathrobes
Wellies in the Autumn on returning home
Me and my man in front of our favorite slope in Sestriere, Italy
Luckiest girl in the whole wide world on christmas day
My daddy in his element - unbuttoned shirt on the boat after a day fishing
Mumma and Denis walking Billie through the April snow
Making my man morning pancakes in one of his shirts
My 20th birthday restaurant - with a view of the Eiffel Tower
The vegetable patch (spinach, peas, beans etc) back at home


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