Classic Cars, Goosebumps and One Thousand Handshakes

Whilst I love the winter months (mostly because I am notoriously child-like when it comes to the lead up to Christmas) I find it difficult making a transition from summer days to winter nights. Autumn clothes - jumpers, trench coats, scarves and boots - are some of my favorite seasonal pieces to dress up during the day and down in the evening. Once halloween cools off, and shops start to make space on the shelves for christmas stock, I welcome the fur blankets and roaring fires with open arms.

But what about the period before this? The Indian summer afternoons, sipping chilled wine on sun drenched terraces - broken by staggered days of icy winds, grey skies and one-pot-casseroles. Over the (busy busy) weekend, Pete and I attended a Porsche event at a castle grounds. We were greeted with Martini cocktails and socialized on the back lawn before watching an air show above. For dinner, we ate beef and bacon with whole grain mustard dressing and parsnip shavings, followed by a very indulgent apple strudel and rich coffee. Luckily, the strength of the caffeine was enough to keep me awake through the speeches (it wasn't, however, enough to keep me warm!) - whilst many people looked as though they were slightly drifting off.

After meeting Pete's big boss, clients and colleagues, we made our way back to the hotel to snuggle into the giant bed. I wish we would have had more time to spend in the room (we managed to fit in a bath and a short rest in the morning) as it was countryside chic, looking out onto a small garden area serving afternoon tea.

On Sunday night, after warming through in the sauna and jaccuzzi (and, for the one hundreth time, expressing my love for a hot tub in the garden one day) we drove home to get ready for Fay's birthday. Set in a golf club, the room was spread with candle laid tables and a buffet of breads, sea food and nibbles. I had to ask Renee to peel my prawns for me as I'd never done my own before: pull off the head, tail and open out/de-shell the middle. Simple.

We did a lot of dancing, chatting and - for me - meeting new faces. After several glasses of wine, I was happy to mooch around starting conversations and finding out all I can about everyone. Sometimes, after a long day with Pete's family, I'm reminded why I love him so much, and feel so blessed to be part of a family that care for each other so deeply. I hope to still be as wild and fun loving as Fay when I'm 80... A girl can dream.


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