Winter Cut

Since seeing a girl with a long bob (sort of Alexa-Chung-esque cut) I've been besotted with the idea of getting a winter trim. My dad - who's had to cut off my Italian ringlets in the past - replied to my picture message with "...but i luv u just the way u R!!". Brilliant. Although I can't go to any other hair dresser for two distinct reasons: a) with my dad, I don't pay and b) no other hairdresser in the United Kingdom would sit through my "wait, wait, wait! put the scissors against where you're going to cut but don't cut I just need to see the cut!". 

The kind of length I'm after is a grown out bob. Brushing the shoulders, layered, added volume and zero split ends. The predominent reason I've got to where I am now (no growth and flat) is because of my incessant damaging of my hair: weekly blow dry's, straightening and back combing. So I resemble something in between a hedgehog and a dry spaghetti which isn't really a great winter look, no matter how much serum I use. My flat mate pushed me over the LET'S DO IT line when she mentioned how cute it would look mid-winter with a little bobble hat and a scarf. So cute.


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