Easy Like Sunday Morning...

It rained hard through Saturday night and speckled the frosty windows into Sunday. There's something magicaly warming about waking up to the rain - the way the world slows into a lulling trudge, and the space between the sheets feels more enticing. We laid in bed until hunger contorted our stomachs, and, with spice candles lit and coffee made (laced by a small dollop of cream) we whisked together some pancakes. Pete always tries to turn everything into a competitive game, so of course we ended up taking turns to toss pancakes as high as we could. It feels like forever since I enjoyed a dark, rainy morning like that. 

After a busy Saturday, we needed a day away from the hustle and bustle of life. We drove to the retail park and did a huge food shop, stocking up on baking material, eggs, butter, meat, vegetables, rice, spices, drinks and - of course - the last (and just released) season of Luther. For lunch we made mexican beef tacos with salad, and then went on to bake Devil's chocolate cake in ramekins (later we topped these with homemade chocolate butter cream frosting).  Trying something a little different for dinner, we chopped, sliced and diced different root vegetables into a pan - simmered with a korma sauce - and topped over fluffy rice. With full bellies we waded our way through the last few episodes of season 3, and, in the late evening, indulged in a cup of coffee and Devil's cake. It was a well spent sunday - eating, burning christmas scented candles and spending time with my favorite person. 

Our busy Saturday was spent in Shepherd's Bush Westfield's looking around Louis Vuitton, Tiffany's and Burberry (naughty). We had tea and coffee in Cafe Concerto and did multiple trips to Zara - just to make sure. Pete brought a casual tweed blazer, white shirts, a winter scarf and Drake and 50 cent's new album. I, on the other hand, brought new jeans, a tweed jacket, a new book and Yankee candles. We stopped for lunch in one of our favorite places, Pho Vietnamese; they serve the best king prawn vermicelli noodles in the whole world. We tucked into spring rolls, chicken and mixed vegetable salad and peanut saute/chilli and ginger dips. 

Today I've had an overwhelming urge to go for a walk back home in the countryside. I just really want to throw my Hunters on, pull on a thick coat and scarf and go berry-picking/conker crushing. In autumn I always miss forreging around in the woods and running through fields of leaves - it reminds me so much of my childhood. Hopefully (one day soon!) I'll have my own family and dogs to take on days to the middle of no where, with vacuum flasks of hot cocoa and fingers stained purple from picking blackberries. For the time being, I'll enjoy my London life of city streets, Hyde Park in golden red and a flat filled with cinnamon candles and red wine. NB. I also start my first shorthand evening class tonight, although not sure what it's going to be like, so I'm giving it an open mind before I decide to go on with it or not. Fingers crossed.

In other news; 
Police E-fits for suspects in the McCann case, X-factor, coldest weather in a long time, Autumn recipes, Anna Saccone (& feeling undeniably broody) Menswear in Stylist, new hair care regime, creamy coffees, Tanya Burr, my birthday month, wardrobe clear out.


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