Dinner date, Winter Wonderland and shadowing

The past few days have been a buzz of house bookings, viewings at my flat, deliveries, painting and dinners out. Tonight will be nice to have Pete over to relax, so I'm doing chicken in red wine casserole(served with lashings of wine and herbed potatoes)finished off with chocolate desserts. Hopefully we can look over a few more houses tonight or think about plans for summer - which seems so far away right now!
Tomorrow morning I'm meeting my mum in Bicester Village to do some christmas shopping and have a nice coffee-fueled lunch. If we don't get to see the property in Labernum Way this Sunday, Pete's coming down here and we're doing Winter Wonderland round II - should be exciting, I can't get enough of it at this time of year.
Started christmas shopping today too - just picked up little pieces for Ad, my mum and Pete - I still have so much to do (baking, measuring, and decorating). I should probably start making a list!


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