Duck and Waffle, red velvet and the luckiest girl alive

The novelty of turning 21 hasn't worn off yet, and I'm still running soft fingertips over my presents (not sure if that has anything to do with the red velvet cake I had for breakfast this morning). Burning candles in Moroccan Rose and Pink Grapefruit (watching Parisian nights scroll out on screen through a clock-tower). Today, me and J brought a pamper package (worth £300) for £30 - including 6 hair treatments, massages, blow dry's and complimentary drinks for the salon in Knightsbridge. Can't wait to go down and slip into bliss. 
Monday morning, I woke up early (and waited ever-so patiently for Pete to get breakfast) to open my presents in bed. I got a whole host of cinnamon-Christmassy goodness from my sister, as well as Thierry Mulger 'Alien' (my favorite scent) body lotion and shower gel bits. From my cousin Nicky I recieved a pretty silver links bracelet, and Pete's mum and dad got me theatre tickets to something of my choice. His nan and Bob got me vouchers for Debenhams, which was lovely of them. My dad sent a cheque in the post (but I'm seeing him this weekend which is long overdue). My mum opened an account for me, as well as getting me a pan (don't ask), notepads and a Lumix Gf5 SLR. I got the softest, lovliest Zara scarf from my flatmate (as well as my buttercream velvet cupcake) - and Pete, of course, got me such a beautiful present of a trip to the Duck and Waffle - which he managed to pull strings for a reservation on Sunday, and diamond earrings. 

I feel the happiest girl alive.

At the Duck and Waffle, we had a few drinks to begin with (I had two champagne cocktails and then moved onto white wine) - to eat we started with bacon covered dates, homemade bread and barbecue pig's ears (we wanted to taste a selection, the pig's ears were surprisingly good). It took fifty minutes for the chicken to cook as it was made fresh - but when it came it was so perfectly moist and in the most amazing mushroom, creamy sauce with potatoes and vegetables. We went at the perfect time to catch the panoramic view over London (from our side we could see both London bridge, the gherkin and my flat a little dot in the distance!) from day to night time. We chugged off home, with full bellies, to snuggle into a warm bed and watch films in a rose scented, candlelit bedroom. And a few slices of cake...

The organic mushroom chicken, bar, Pete and bacon covered dates
Naughty cake for breakfast, sparkly jewellery, having breakfast and letters in the post
view of the gherkin, the chicken (again), champagne cocktails and view from dinner

little cake (and singing!), fireworks at bonfire night, diamond earrings
pig's ears, homemade bread and wine, sightseeing around London in the sunshine


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