To remember...

Yearnings for a winter nights in a softly lit 50s era french city after watching the boy climb the clock tower.
Sitting in court thinking "I can't imagine doing anything worse with my life than this job"
Madly making calculations about how to split up my birthday money the most cost-effective way.
Thinking I'm far too lucky to have something so perfect bathed in soft, white cotton by candlelight right next to me. 
Feeling like a child who's seen the bright, country stars for the first time, on bonfire night.
Rediscovering E.E Cummings and already daydreaming wild weddings in the countryside.
Insightful conversations on the Westminster tube about life after university and losing sight of money.
Time seeming to whizz by faster than I can catch my breath.
Besotted by children who tug at my heart strings and make me melt with joy and envy.
Sweet phonecalls on the morning on my birthday from two special mother's in my life.


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