Jingle Bell Rock

Tuesday night house viewing- Pete's - Monsters Inc - Drive Home - Christmas Songs - Natural History Museum - Rainbow Sprinkle Donuts - Harrods - Tea and coffee - Zara Man (3 jumpers, jeans) - Thursday; Fry Up - Westfields - Saving Mr Banks - The Real Greek - Traffic/Traffic/Traffic - Notting Hill - Bad Santa - Mulled Wine - Hot Chocolate - Popcorn - Friday; Hot Bath - Winter Wonderland - Carnaby Street - Coffee - HMV - Spaghetti Bolognese - Mary Poppins - Packing - Goodbyes

Off home in just over two hours and it's well overdue; My sister came out of hospital this morning (had her tonsils out) and I haven't properly been home since the end of October. I'll be looking forward to mum's homemade suppers, seeing Soph tomorrow night, present swap and sleepover with the girls on sunday, packing all my presents into the car, road-tripping down to Sidmouth, setting up decorations, watching The Grinch, red wine, amaretti biscuits, preparing all the food, walking on the sea front on christmas day, getting my birthday and christmas presents (!), drinking prosecco and champagne, wearing cosy knits by the fire, seeing my christmas tree, sharing my home baked food, making new year plans, seeing the stars, going on a countryside walk.


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