Brandy Cream, Road Tripping and Christmas TV

It definitely doesn't feel like christmas is over; I'm stuck in some sort of weird limbo of left over cheese and flat champagne right now. Every year it surprises me how much faster it passes, but I guess that's just what it feels like to grow older. Still, the same snowy countryside scenes drench my daydreams in childlike innocence and passing years only make them more precious in nostalgia. I reel in the fact that next year I'll be decorating my own home, lighting candles and decorating the tree with trinkets borrowed from my family home; good job I called dibs on the nativity when I did. 

Fish and Chips by the sea front

Our wreath and the donkey sanctuary

Adriana and the cliffside

Presents and the donkey sanctuary

Boxing day seafood dinner and Prosecco/Presents at Holly's

Grandad's antique decorations

Billie in his festive bandana

The Dining Room tree

By the seafront

Chridtmas Dinner

Donkey Sanctuary
The week at home; Holly's for Prosecco, present opening and a good catch up - seeing my auntie and uncle over lunch - squeezing presents in the car and packing a suitcase - evening at dad's making tiramisu and tagliatelle - drive down to Sidmouth - walk on the beach in the sunshine - fish and chips - christmas morning, Panattone, beach walk, putting on the lunch, the grinch, queen's speech, call the midwife - boxing day donkey sanctuary, cliffside views, jacket potatoes, shopping in Sidmouth - travel home - traffic - pasta soup and meat with soph, mum, denis and ad - trifle and eckefecan tart - starbucks for breakfast - Stratford sales - coffee break with mum - train home.

Back to the flat to meet Pete - saturday night chicken salad with rice, plans plans plans (summer, house, aus...) - O2 Arsenal v. Newcastle - Steak and Grill - Secret Life of Walter Mitty. 


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