I can't believe it's 2014 already; I guess I was so caught up in christmas (as I get every year) that I forgot to pay attention to life passing by. Anyway, it's happened now. Somehow. And here I am with an essay I haven't started, with the only thing left to eat being over christmas chocolate and consumed by a pile of plans hoarded on my phone and in notebooks.

I'm no good at keeping New Year's resolution (is that even what it's called? I haven't used the word in a whole year...) but I think the start of a new year is a nice excuse to reinvent your priorities and start afresh. Currently in bed with the electric blanket, I'm struggling to resist the urge to eat lunch at 10.41, and, equally, trying to resist throwing my onsie on and getting under the covers. This year, I plan to be more proactive/resillient/organized (financially) and, or course, more full of wanderlust than ever. Hopefully, I can keep coming back and adding to this list over the coming months(/years/forever I suppose), as new things crop up. 

I promise to...
- Eat more sensible breakfasts
- Clean the flat/house with a schedule (and stick to it!)
- Learn to cook more diverse meals (think Thai curry, white wine chicken, lamb, chocolate fudge, dumplings etc)
- Not sleep next to my phone
- Wear my driving glasses on every journey (especially at night)
- Make a effort to get to know people in Colchester/Kirby, find countryside walk ways and little deli's/bakeries. 
- Find a job (... that I enjoy)
- Carry my camera everywhere
- Source a new waxing salon and go regularly
- Try out new classes/hobbies (yoga, Italian etc)
- Do more meaningful acts (charity runs, volunteering, write to council about station...?)
- Learn a new skills, like upholstering, archery, sewing...
- Actually do the squat challenge this year
- Buy/Move into/Decorate new house
- Use the internet more productively (no less facebook, more research/pinterest)


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