Lovers Walk, Hyde Park

After last night's tossing and turning over unplanned plans, I've had to spend a few hours attempting to rewire my brain in visualizing our house differently. Since mid-december I've seen Peak Avenue as our 'home' (what kind of fridge would look good in the kitchen, where to put the christmas tree...) and now they've taken it off the market in order to increase the price. But everything happens for a reason, so maybe that property wasn't meant to be. Back on the hunt, February should be filled with viewings and phone calls. It'll be a busy month. 
In other news, today I'm dreaming of strong cheese, salty ciabatta and parma ham. The sun is out, so I've been for a stroll down Lover's Walk (loverless but still lovely) and through Covent Gardens. Between flakey apple danish pastries and green tea, I've splurged on a few new 'key' pieces (minimal stripes, monochrome and a soft wool blend charcoal cardigan). In quieter - and beneath a veil of  new year secrecy - plans of camping in New Zealand through their summer.... 

Minimal shirts
A very red Tuesday
Where's my lover when I need him for crusty bread and strong coffee...
Selfridges Clock

Evening Standard

Coffee with a view
Secret unplanned plans
Hot and steamy in the sun
Marble Arch
The pigeons of Hyde Park
Lover's Lane

L'Occitane, Covent Gardens
The Apple Market


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