Stargazing Live, YSL and Long Sights...

There's so much truth behind the saying "you don't know what you've got until it's gone". Today I picked up my prescription glasses and put them on to test inside Specsavers. I can't believe how much different just a pair of lenses can make - and what I've been missing out on all this time. After this (huge revelation) I naughtily ventured into Westfields - I know, just a day after I said I would resist. But with good cause... I brought birthday presents for my mum and sister in the sales. Zara acutally has some pretty decent pieces in at the moment (I lingered lustfully over two bags before, after a long time pondering, put them back again..). It has suceeded nicely in sweeping away my January blues. 

Something that I did (even more naughtily) was treat myself to was a pair of Zara trouser/leggings I've been lusting over for quite some time (seen here). They're a lot thicker than conventional 'leggings' and have a velvet sheen of leopard print which adds a nice layer of texture to an outfit. When I put them on today I almost did a little dance. Okay, I did. They're so soft and comfy and have an elasticated waistband which is pretty much exactly what I need after this christmas.

On another note, it's so nice to have Aman back. I don't like, and never have liked, sleeping by myself, but it was the quiet mornings and evening's that made for lonely living in this tiny space... Perhaps we'll watch a film and eat popcorn tonight, then go for some shopping tomorrow afternoon. We both decided to make more of a conscious effort to explore London in our last few months here... So that means more museums, more indie restaurants and cafes and more walks in parks through Spring. Right now, I'm mulling over an evening Irish coffee, anticipating Stargazing Live, catching up on HelloOctober and, as always, pinning like mad by candlelight. 


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