Press loans, heat waves and broken car keys...

- Manning the PR department this morning - Harlequin diffuser - Press Coverage x4 - Tracking Sam's parcel - Social Media Tracking - Parcel arrived - Hanging chair for the conservatory - Mama blogs - Builder's tea - Gift guiders - Buttery fruit toast - Bvlgari scents - Natalie Saturday 2pm - Wallpaper samples - 

My lust for all things home related is back - and with a vengeance. Earlier this week I ordered some Pols Potten gold ceramic mugs and a Missoni hand towel whilst at work. Resisting temptation to purchase everything on the Press loan lists is hard sometimes! Right now, I'm feeling stark contrasts - brass, copper and gold against crisp whites and clean worktops. I'm lusting a home swing/hanging chair and natural elements like hide rugs, grainy wood and indoor plants. 
Style-wise there are so many things I love right now. Working in an office has meant I scrutinise my outfits on a daily basis - what will work comfortably for eleven hours but won't make me feel frumpy. I'm missing my boots in this hot weather (although I've spent all winter complaining about the cold!). The shoes I brought - similar to above - near enough killed my feet on a night out in London. I'm only just getting rid of the scars now. In other news, I'm still hopelessly besotted with print trousers, clean cut blacks and statement necklaces. At least this time of year I get to go leggy and wear sunglasses.


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