Strong coffee, busy minds and fuchsia pinks...

Weary and anxious and waking to midnight breathing. In, out, in out. Bleary eyed showers on fresh mornings, scrubbing backs and passing shampoo to and fro. 

We are adjusting still to this new life. Me, really. I am still adjusting. I am in the pursuit of adjustment, lips hungry for full days and a silent phone- ripe stacks of whenever-it's-done work piling in a corner. My corner. Silk dresses, loose grey cardigan draped over black crepe that folds around my thighs. Never having to walk through the warehouse and move boxes. Answering emails not calls, stacks of folders that date arrange my affairs in sleek glossy wallets. Breakfast with coffee that isn't wolfed down between ringing and post and trips to the accounts office. A project that spans days, minute details of design and style, not invoices and couriers. But I learn each day that these privilidges are earnt by hard work and a busy mind. 

I picked kitchen tiles yesterday before we even walked into the store. Sage chalkwell cracked glazed subways. At £100per sq metre they leave a bittersweet taste, but I am in love. Also, one mustard and fuchsia painting walked out the back of a furniture store- one of the sweetest gifts from a kind woman I barely know. Christmas shopping for family already, looking at Kenzo, Bluebellegray, Missoni, Mulberry, Thornback & Peel, Ralph Lauren and Jean Paul Gaultier makes it hard not to. Already had my eye on diffusers in woody, spicy scents. 

In still moments my thoughts drop and it weighs my heart with heavyness. I am still a wide eyed child, lulling myself to sleep on Christmas Eve with dreams of twinkling lights and illustrated books. There is so much I want to do- Australia, America - all these adventures inbetween but right now I am happy. I am content for the first time in some while by just being. I am needed in a job where I learn stacks each day, who treat me like family and will be the best footing for a life abroad. I am so impatient but I need to bide my time.

For now in life we are packed lunches, morning kisses, dinner dates, strong evening coffees (with chocolate fruit/nut biscuits). We are builders, creamy frapp lunches, nighttime pillow talk, closet organisers. Grey slate, hanging cocoon chairs, house plants, Christmas planning, buttery fruit bread and weekend B&Q trips. We are candlelight binge-Breaking-Bad-watchers. And we're still just getting started. 


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