Champagne Supernova

- Friday's after work rush - hot faces and lipstick covered fingers, high waisted grey jeans, cropped black mesh top - champagne sipping - tapas lavishings washed down with tequila - cab journey home on a high - laughing and never ending talking - losing phones and track of time - Saturday nightmares, back to hot headed nausea - my first real hangover that hit me like a tonne of bricks, seeping my energy and draining my enthusiasm - Sunday morning cooked breakfast, revieved to be back to feeling myself - weekend television catch up - present opening and baking a devil's food cake - Homebase Christmas naughtiness - Pete's for lunch, huge cooked roast - over the table laughter - Crowne Plaza in the sunset, resivouir drifting - into the pool, jaccuzzi and saunas - daydreaming about project managing a renovation - Sunday night room service (smoked salmon sandwich and gammon and mustard) - X-factor, Homeland and Family Guy - morning sunrise over the golf course - the most delicious hotel breakfast of cheeses and hams and pastries and jam and sausages and hash browns - a walk to the pond - more Christmas browsing, coffees and people watching - BooHoo dress panics and a lazy afternoon -

I could get used to this long weekend thing. 


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