November rain

I Drive home in the morning sun - pouring rain on country roads - Touchwood - Christmas shop, new boots, Theobroma - X factor, chicken dinner, coffee and biscuits - Sunday morning Tanworth walk - blinding sun - rememberence Sunday parade - Auntie and Uncle over for coffee and cake - Nuthurst Grange lunch - post lunch sunshine coffee and chocolates - Football and X factor, homes by the sea, reading - Monday morning hot cross buns - drinks in Stratford upon Avon, Christmas decoration shopping, wine shops, Prezzo - roadtrip home - 

I have woken from nights dreaming of cribs, soft white mangers of cashmere and cotton. How is it possible to feel so young but so old at the same time? I wonder how far before humans have gulped down these same thoughts; of feeling so big, but so small. So strong, but infinitely weightless. I heard they landed a robot on a comet today - spinning helplessly in orbit some 300 million miles away. And here I sat with two eyes fixed, phone to ear and pen in hand in silent stillness. When really, unbeknownst to us all, we spin too. 

I am living for the in between moments of kind words, good coffee, floral candels, Christmas plans, starry skies and chocolate frosting. All the whilst, still spinning. 


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