- Take more pictures. So many more pictures; of people too, not just coffee. In thirty years time I won't be interested in seeing photos of candles or Saturday night's dinner. I'll want to see how young and full of life we were, and the tiny details that make up our days in between. 

- Visit somewhere new. Right now I'm wanderlusting Indian Ocean diving, New Zealand camping, Las Vegas cocktails and Mexican white beaches. 

- Write more. 

- Choose food wisely. Be brave enough to make the decisions that will affect the next few years ahead. Remember; when diet is bad, medicine is no use. When diet is good, medicine is of no need. 

- Swim

- Let 2015 be the year of shrugging things off. Mistakes, failure, insecurities, pressure, worries and stress. Live carefree with an eye on the wider goal; don't let day to day stresses sit too long. 

- Every month, plan two date nights. 

- Learn how to cook a host of new meals. Fish pie, pasta bake, King prawn and cream fettuccine, Beef pie, chicken in breadcrumbs...


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