La Luna

The moon was fat and heavy in the sky tonight like nothing I've ever seen. As I drove from clutter and noise it hit me hard, the way silence sounds alive when it's so suddenly brought from the noise. We drove through the countryside lanes, through towns and busy traffic, dipping trees and outshining streetlights. Sometimes it's so strange what makes us happy. Inexplainable joy deep down inside somewhere that had me thinking I could face the dreaded petrol pumps one more time tonight and still be smiling. I have stocked our fridge with dinners, lemon and herb chicken, curry and stir fry. 

This week I'm dreaming of starry skies, infinite mornings, chubby cheeks and legs, new Chelsea boots, Grand Designs, shooting with my Lumix, chilled wine, jacuzzi nights, January TV series, America roadtrips (and apple picking, farmers markets, county fair's, bright lights, baseball games, southern pie, gran canyon, mountain hikes and long straight roads in the middle of nowhere). 


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