Red sky in the morning

These January sunrises are killing me. It's like seeing the world all over again each morning. And it's cold, and the world is sleepy, and this whole month feels so long... But this definitely makes it feel worthy. 

Today I worked on product creation, chasing suppliers about backorders and helped Phoebe on the wallpaper samples. God, I'm glad to be rid of those. It's been a week of working late for both Pete and I. I feel much more at home in purchasing than I do in my previous role. I can see things only going up from here! It feels mad that I will leave this all for something new (mad but so exciting). Tonight will be all about eating dinner, watching a film and generally unwinding from the week. Reading the daybook blog is pulling at my heart strings. So does chasing backorders for Bloomingville stock (the sleep hedgehog, bunny and squirrel range- seriously?!). I'm secretly hoping they'll be around in a few years time. 

Saturday went past so soon, we woke late to sunny skies and I almost forgot what it was like to greet the world out of darkness. Late cooked breakfast and long showers gave way to an early afternoon at Lakeside. At what age can you legally stop shopping at Forever 21? I can still find things in the racks that I'll wear into my thirties and I'm not sure if that's okay. 

We watched American Sniper this weekend, which took me back how much I enjoyed it. It's definitely not something I would usually go for (in fact, I wasn't even in favour of putting it on). As well as this, we saw The Maze Runner and (half of) The Sex Tape. For dinner on Saturday night, we booked a table at Jade (having serious January-feastings of prawn toast, spring rolls, ribs, stir fried lamb, Kung Po prawns, chicken in yellow bean, special rice and - for me - three glasses of white wine). This whole new year, new body thing doesn't seem to be working out just yet; but I do have prosuitto salads until Wednesday this week. Speaking of which, I'll be staying at Pete's parents on Wednesday whilst he's away on business. It'll be nice to have company in the evening and not worry about sleeping in an empty house -although I can imagine it'll be a bit of a kerfuffle in the morning as I'll need to leave by 7am (eek). I need to keep reminding myself this week to look for silver linings. Silver linings and to pack an overnight bag on Tuesday. 


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