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Over the past few weeks I've got out of the blogger-rut I was in; I just couldn't seem to find any new content, blogs, instagrams, etc. Thinking it over, it probably did my social life a lot of good, but my head really felt like it was missing out on something (is that pathetic and overdramatic? Probably). Today I found something new to pour my heart out over that reinvigorated my passion for blogging; Barefoot Blonde. I have serious photography envy for this hairdresser-turned-blogger-turned-mama whose locks are so long and full and seriously, is she even real?

I'm not sure it's even legal to look like a Victoria Secret model whilst you're nine months pregnant/nursing/at generally any time with a newborn. Some seriously good genetics going on in that family! 


Okay, fangirling to one side, there are other blogs I still check every now and then (Cup of Jo, Bleubird, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Love Taza...) to see what's new. Recently, I've been getting back into more beauty based blogs (especially Ghost Parties, whose reviews and recommendations I find to be really honest and impartial). It's lead to me spending a few too many lunch hours scanning Selfridges and NARS online which isn't doing any favours for my bank balance. I think in reality, some of my skin saviours over this past year have been stumbled upon by accident; I still swear by Origin's Super Spot remover, Philosophy's Hope Retexturising Moisturiser and Biore's Deep Cleansing Lotion. They've managed to sort out some of my worst facial nightmares pretty quickly. Despite this, I'm still a firm believer that a good night's sleep, lots of water and proper make up removal is the patron saint of clear skin. Preach. 

In other news, I'm working on getting my hair to grow faster (it never seems to get past my shoulders and I'm determined for it to be long by summer). Reading Barefoot Blonde has not helped my self esteem in this department. Last night we went to see Whiplash which lived up to all my expectiation, it was so exhilarating I was quite literally sweating in the cinema by the ends (my hands were trying to keep up with the beat and they ended up pretty clammy. TMI?). Today we've got Pete's mum and brother over to watch the football and I'm cooking slow cooked beef in red wine tagliatelle. We're also trailing my laser hair removal over the next few weeks which I (hope hope hope double fingers crossed) actually works, so we'll see. There are a few busy weekends ahead of us, so I don't think there'll be too much relaxing on the cards. Summer-dreaming has come back and all I want is strawberry mojitos, white sand, hot sun and, of course, smooth, tanned, freckled, warm skin... Seriously, I've already started looking at swimsuits.


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