Right now, I'm working on getting my hair to grow faster (it never seems to get past my shoulders and I'm determined for it to be long by summer). Reading Barefoot Blonde has not helped my self esteem in this department, although it's taught me some new tricks that I'm excited to try out. I even braided my hair at the side today (I may have gone overboard with the creepy fangirl here but you know...). Last night we went to see Whiplash which lived up to all my expectiation, it was so exhilarating I was quite literally sweating in the cinema by the end (my hands were trying to keep up with the beat and they ended up pretty clammy. TMI?). So good, Mike Teller was incredible and it made gave me some sort of deep-rooted disappointment that I didn't see any of my music lessons out to the end. Maybe that'll be one of the things I force upon my children and they hate me for! Today we've got Pete's mum and brother over to watch the football and I'm cooking slow cooked beef in red wine tagliatelle. We're also trailing my laser hair removal over the next few weeks which I (hope hope hope double fingers crossed) actually works, so we'll see. There are a few busy weekends ahead of us, so I don't think there'll be too much relaxing on the cards. Summer-dreaming has come back and all I want is strawberry mojitos, white sand, hot sun and, of course, smooth, tanned, freckled, warm skin... Seriously, I've already started looking at swimsuits. Only six months to go though... Sooo... No? 

In other news, I've become obsessed with ankle-skimming jeans and wrist-skimming coats (I tuck them in at the sleeve to give this look). I can't imagine a time that I'll ever go back to flaunts or boot cut jeans, mainly because my arms and legs are teeny so I like to accentuate these bits (I'm hoping I don't cringe at this in the future because it's my look right now and I'm really feeling it). I do, however, want to reinvent my go-to hairstyle but need to find something that works for me and my super fine, mid length hair. At the moment, I'm thinking braids, half-up, plaits and messy chignons. We're also in the stages of getting a hot tub, so that's mostly on the forefront of our DIY minds- Jeff has just measured it up and, fingers crossed it should fit through okay. I'm excited to have evenings chatting it on right into summer (and the parties too! What a novelty!). We'll see how excited I am the first time it comes to cleaning it out. 


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