Mimosa, Moët and Morning Selfies

Saturday was spring cleaning, food shopping, wine picking and Call the Midwife catch ups. Three girls reunited, roseand strawberry sipping, present opening, selfie stick pictures and big black heels.  It saw golden lights all evening, a roaring fire, live music, a packed restaurant, 2 fish dishes and one duck (preceded by tapas, followed by crime brûlée and washed down with one big bottle of fruity wine. Glowing skin, plans for the future and chauffeur service in a Porsche Macan (complete with the best looking driver I've ever seen). As night rolled past, early Sunday morning saw cards against humanity and hysterically laughter. 8am bed snuggles, three peas. A cooked and croissant breakfast, followed by crap (but addictive) TV and goodbye kisses. Cold, cold shopping (with some new statement pieces) and an evening of dinner with Pete's family. The first of a new series and one hell of a brave dip in the hot tub. Life doesn't get much better than this. 


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