Maldives pt 2.

- Turtle snorkling - coral reef hunting - lounging in hammocks - reading blogs, magazines and my book; Pete engrossed in Denis Bergkamp biography - watching the surfers - Pineapple Spritzers - relaxing by the pool - crab watching - massages - the best vanilla milkshake on the beach - watching them feed the sharks - the stars - freshly grilled fish, sunflower seed bread, Maldavian curry, fresh baked naan, watermelon and dragon fruit, banana smoothies - deep orange sunsets - snorkling round the island - walk in wardrobe - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Virgin Mojitos in Jamie's Italian (with sausage parpadele and steak frites) - Dubai shopping - lusting over Khiels and Mac - The Londoner - The Boy Who Never Was (and soon to be Water for Elephants and Oliver Sacks latest) - 


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