Weekender II

I've been here twenty hours and it feels like six. Driving, Lakeside, sushi, green juice, driving, home. Catch my breath with fruit tea and sunshine. Holly's, chicken skewers, potato salad, bellinis, getting ready, drive to Barnt Green, selfies, red lips, heels, drive to Birmingham. The Botonist, queues for miles, micro herbs, Rosemary, cherry purée, driving, Hollys, sleep. Morning croissants and strawberries, quick change, driving, home. 

I will make one last commute back to my side of the country before a big long soak in the hot tub. It grows on me more and more each day. The sun shines and my skin feels new, I long desperately to book another week in the heat. Somewhere my skin will freckle and we can catch boats put into the ocean. I'm dreaming of fresh seafood, rocket salad, no-jacket weather, open roads, a salty breeze. 


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