Long and wild weekender

Dreaming of balmy summer evenings - Grecian crockery and chargrilled seafood, medium rare beef, crusty tiger bread, white wine, hot tub humming in the background and blankets spread on the grass - the florie of bright purple bushes that have bloomed in our street - evening chats while driving friends home in the sun - Max Benjamin's Moroccan Mint Tea candle burning in the kitchen - Tasseled necklaces and loose bohemian shirts - Aloe Vera plants and fresh salad - 
Traditional style tiled flooring - Espadrilles - Mac's Kinda Sexy lipstick - Beach waves - Suit shopping with Pete (and working with the tailoring boys to find the best styles and colours - Wagamamas lunching - Singing along to Kisstory on the way to Lakeside - The usual bundle of laughs in IKEA (and coming out with SO MUCH MORE THAN INTENDED) - Huge mirrors in light airy spaces, and lusting over Scandinavian design all over again - dreaming of mamahood when we pass babies in the street and hear next doors boys playing while we're in the hot tub - block heeled sandals (finding the most perfect pair for work in an unexpected place). Memo to self: wear heels more often! - STILL loving white on white. Forever - 3 succulents for the bathroom, and new towels that channel an Italian vibe - parle italiano per favore? - 
Speaking of which.... Italian gelato (the good kind scooped unevenly into thick creamy swirls - planning adventures - Linen and stripes with tanned skin and coconut body lotion - The Man Repellar (again) - Marlone Roudette's 'When the Beat Drops Out' and Jason Derulo's 'Want You To Want Me' - 


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