Friday the Fifth

Sat at work eating leftover bolognese and drinking water with lemon. This week has been long and the weekend before was almost non existent (so much rushing, travelling, car journeys, plane journeys, forests, champagne, hourdeurves and so many Italians. 

Dreaming (so hard!) about Southern Cali and inspired by Erin, Tammy, Amber and Julia - Thinking about summers in Nevada, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Disneyland, Las Vegas and San Fransisco - Lusting over the beach-front houses in Miami (alla Samantha from SATC but with more children, less glitz and, most probably, the same amount of sushi) - Forging foreign roads for me and Pete to explore (open opportunities now a colleague has left?) - Trying to get my shit together as per every Friday afternoon - Feeling humble at all the very-honest Instagram captions I've read lately, especially that of everyone's "highlight reel" - Completely besotted by dungarees (black or loose linen striped like Forever21?) - Wedding inspiration from pretty much everywhere - Hoping to get lost in a good book (yet to start Girl on a Train that everyone is raving about) -  

Love the idea of string lighting and exposed brick 

Best Mama goals (those shoes! those legs! those sunglasses!) 

Holiday, Aussie-living, bikini, tan and general everything inspo. The fact she is about 6 months pregnant here hurts my life. 

City drifting and Singapore (Pete), Vegas (me) and NYC

 Neighbourhood dreaming ft. Sidney 


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