Poached Eggs, Sunshine Mornings and Making Plans Over Breakfast

All I can think is how, eight months from now, we'll be setting off with a one-way ticket somewhere new. We haven't figured out the details (who we'll rent our house to, where I'll work, or where we'll even live) but adventure-lusting is so good to me on Saturday mornings. 

Pistachio, coconut and coffee ice cream. Soft sand and warm water. Seeing papas carry their babes into the sea. Burning Moroccan Mint Tea candles (Max Benjamin). Sunny evenings dipping my legs into the tub with my man. Shellac nails. The sea of blue outside our doorstep. Morning breeze with the windows open and coffee in bed. Dreaming about future jobs and homes. Baby breath flowers on the kitchen table. Tortoise shell sunglasses and cruising the Porsche through the back streets. Pink doughnuts with sprinkles. Convertible jeeps in Floria weather. 



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