Confessions of an addict

We all have our sweet escapes: cricket, chocolate, shoes... Mine? Tumblr.
For just over a year now I have been trudging through the endless pages blogging and reblogging pictures of street style, fuzzy kittens and - admittedly - far too much food porn. For those of you who don't know, Tumblr is a sort of photo-prominent blogging sphere where people upload images and others can 'reblog' it onto their own page... Similar to Pinterest but with more a little more text content!

I could, without a doubt, spend hours of my day wasting time during lectures, train journeys, pretty much anything that involves me with a spare hand (unfortunately, as Tumblr is the world's worst reason for procrastination, it has also starved off many attempts at Journalism coursework!).

My latest obsession has become finding 'house inspiration'... I find myself cooing over pages of candles and white fur rugs and decorated dining room tables. I really am growing into an old person- doing away with hair products and clutch bags and replacing them with vases of geraniums and hand-knitted throws! Here are some of the pictures that have taken my fancy.

I sincerely apologize if this has encouraged you to ditch your homework/housework/errands and join the Tumblr army.... But it really is an obsession too addictive to miss. (The source for these images has come off my tumblr which you can find here: Rock n Rise)


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