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My bedroom has, and always will be my sanctuary. I think bedrooms are a really personal space, they're where you spend lazy sunday mornings, where you pace up and down before an interview, where you dance around in your underwear after a shower (come on girls, we've all been there)... and spend far too many hours crying over Leonardo Dicaprio films...

I've always lived in the same house since I was a little girl; a house which is still my countryside escape in the middle of a Warwickshire village. Since moving to London last year, I've realized the importance of having a proper 'bedroom' where I can feel fully at home. I'm a big dvd/scarf/cosmetic/candle hoarder and can't live without plants in my bedroom... A little bit of countryside in my city pad!

I hope this image captures how much of my wardrobe needs to go... I NEED AN OVERHAUL!

Bit of a horror film fanatic...

Bags ready and packed for a weekend at my boyfriend's in Colchester! Emergency umbrella and dinner shoes at the ready!

Where the magic happens! Cheeky...

Too much unused space in the right side of that wardrobe, at the moment it holds some winter jackets, a George Forman grill, my laundry basket, a fan and a wholesome collection of clutches and weekend totes.

I am far too house proud for my own good and literally can't wait for the day I move into a proper house I can call my own! No more renting and not being able to put nails in the wall or hangers on the doors! Bliss... I've, very sadly, already made a list of the perfect thing's I want in my house... I'm thinking white fur rugs, candles in vases, fireplaces, huge fern plants in the white kitchen, a free-standing bath, grey and duck-egg blue accessories in the bedroom, white wicker.... you get the drift!


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