A whole lot of blood, sweat and tears

These past few weeks have been so hectic! A constant rush of work, uni, placement, coffees, gym mornings and sore throats. Both me and my boyfriend have been stuck down by the late February blues... Feeling horribly run down and ensuring recurring mouth ulcers and headaches.

I've been non-stop stressed about work placement, wish a company would just reply to me! Haha, no time to feel sorry for myself right now!

In spite of this, I've seen many cups of coffee, oversized scones and discovered the wonders of Zara Home (perhaps the worst thing ever to happen to my bank account). Thankfully, though, we have seen a few sunny days this week! Hope it lasts!

Hoping to finally get fit for summer and blah blah blah! Need to check out Whey protein powder to help me along I think! Abs here I comeeeeee!


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