These past few days have been a whirlwind... Literally. We've seen freezing winds of up to 80mph (or so I'm told by the unreliable source that is my sister) had heavy snow storms, and far more than 50 shades of grey skies.

This morning, however, was a different story - and boy did I feel it! I unsuspectedly slumped off to the bathroom as usual, only to see the sun streaming through the double doors. BEST FEELING EVER. I decided to treat myself to fresh strawberries on my porridge. I'm sure we all felt a little bit as though we were suffering seasonal affection disorder - it's amazing what a tiny bit of sunshine can do!

I'm on the up from my fluey/winter/general lack of vitamin D symptoms finally! I accredit this wholly to the fact I brought an electric blanket, which is incredible and I can't see how I ever lived without one! This, and the Elizabeth Arden '8 Hour Cream' I've been obsessively using all over my body. There's nothing worst than waking up with dry, dull skin when you feel like rubbish.

During the week I've been frantically stressing (what's new) about organising my final pieces, presentations, securing work placement and reaching targets at work. Phew. This week's Stylist magazine featured a travel piece on a spa hotel in Tunisia ('The Residence Tunis' for those of you interested in a little sunshine-envy) which brought on a bout of holiday blues on the tube! I joked to my mum that these few weeks have been like Narnia: always winter, never Christmas! I'm counting down the days to my escape in Crete...


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