Packing For Greece

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Crochet top $41 -
Topshop petite striped shirt
Forever 21 crochet shirt
Boutique maxi wrap skirt (white)
Ksubi $240 -
Norma kamali bikini top (neon yellow)
AllSaints long skirt - grey
Charlotte russe swimwear
Wallis bandeau bikini
Zara lining shoes
Valextra Luxury Suitcase
Clare vivier Leopard Print Clutch
Jennifer Zeuner anklet jewelry
J Crew jewelry
Marc jacobs hat

Okay, so it's maybe (very) anal of me to think about packing for my holiday already.... but with only 65 days left that's kind of sort of alright, isn't it?

Alright, maybe not. But sadly enough, packing is honestly one of my favorite things of all time, ever. Seriously, I make check-lists and everything. Enough of that - but in my ideal world, holiday packing would mean nothing got creased, nothing was over-weight in the departures lounge, and I could afford a Valextra bag (have you ever seen such a chic suitcase?). 

1. Beach accessories. I like to take enough bikinis to last me a lifetime. As we don't get much sun in England, it's my only chance to wear a bikini in the sunshine! And as I always worry about my face burning (despite wearing factor 40) a sunhat is a must-have

2. Maxi skirts for those evening dinners, morning walks and to keep me cool on cultural visits. So versatile - as well as an easy way to pull off summer chic

3. Accessories on holiday are so important. As you wear less clothing, it's always nice to accessorize with things like a staement clutch (yes, i take a clutch to the beach, don't judge), and I love wearing anklets on holiday (think thin gold) as they give that messy bohemian feel - but be sure it's not overly expensive, as they can get damaged by sand and sea water!

4. Holiday clothes (obviously). I always find one pair of shorts that I can hardly take off when I go abroad, last year's were a pair of white h&m stretch shorts, they were gorgeous, but I ended up trying to clean them with stain remover wipes (so glad I took those before you laugh!) as they'd picked up all the dust and sand from the streets. Striped t-shirts are a no-brainer... as well as crochet (which gives the perfect 'holiday' look and makes skin appear uber tanned!). I'm obsessed with this crochet overthrow, but it's out of stock right now!

5. Of course, it's not a holiday without beach sandals. Another thing I only see for one week of the year! I love these ones from Zara as they go perfectly with all the outfits. In reality, I'd probably back a few pairs of sandals - some for the beach, some for evenings and some for the plane/getting back to England!


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