The 'Not-So-Diet' Diet

Holy Lord, where to start? There is a colossal (emphasis necessary) amount of thoughts running lose in my mind when I enter a subject such as... dieting.
You have to whisper it-

In the word's of Chris Martin: 'when you try your best and you don't succeed', well you can (whisper) that again. Say hello to the secrets of my dieting nightmare. Every year without fail (and sometimes during an idle tuesday afternoon after too many lattes) I enter some sort of motivation frenzy - planning exercise routines, forking out on gym passes and dusting off my yoga mat. I get caught up in a whirlwind of healthy recipes and go to bed under a pile of magazine cut outs capturing articles of "SAY YES TO LIVING", "BE A BETTER YOU" and the unforgivably cliched "CHANGE YOUR LIFE, TODAY".

Come on, girls. We've all been conned by the alluring delusion of the one-minute-motivation (embarrassingly for me, not all of us are conned on a monthly basis). I pass through these spurts of go-getcha and run myself flat out (we're talking acai-berry tablets, gym sessions, rice cakes and late night pilates) to the point where I finally give in and tuck into a gargantuan portion of tagliatelle and red wine.

So here lies my yo-yo-motivation confession. I'm laying to rest the bad habits - easing off the long weeks of tasteless food - saying good riddance to the midnight crazed binges of pasta and ice cream (hush). Here is my plan:

With 1 month until my holiday:
- gym twice a week, at least (friday mornings, wednesday afternoons)
- healthy eating for either lunch or dinner (inc. bran flakes w/ raisins in the morning)
- smaller portion sizes
- hot water and lemon before breakfast
- try to drink green tea instead of coffee wherever possible
- weights twice a week in the evening (monday nights and sunday nights)
- before snacking, drink a glass of water

Let's pray I don't waver, one month can't be that bad, right...?


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