The invention of the 'man repeller'

One of my all-time favourite blogs is Leandre Medine's 'Man Repeller'... An eclectic mix of fashion, culture and contemporary issues written in her signature witty, but blissfully informal style. It made me realise a problem that I thought (worryingly quite narcissistically) only applied to me.
In a relationship, it's difficult to be the FROW-inspired, fashionista you once dreamed of. The coral blazers and sky-high-flatforms are stuffed to the back of the wardrobe to gather dust, and out come the figure hugging LBD's and trusty skinny jeans: WHY?

It's a universally accepted fact that (more than) most men do not understand flash trends. They do not understand the concept of dungarees, fringing or colour-popping. They fear neons, wince in disgust at the 70s revival, and question the necessity of rings that do not fit all the way down our fingers. In fact, a month ago my boyfriend took it upon himself to liken my statement gold necklace to something Mr T would wear. Little does he know, Mr T clearly has his shit together right now.

It made me question all the fashion choices I subconsciously reject: those times I put the embellished shorts back on the hanger... the times I stepped away from the neon yellow earrings and had second thoughts about the leather trousers. And although this is quite sad, the reality is that with my Zara-basics-Suit-wearing-gentlemanly boyfriend, I feel comfortable in my elegants (you know... the (un-boyfriend) jeans, crisp white shirts, lace dresses and chiffon scarves). 

However, as time has gone on, I have managed to slip a few changes in my daily outfits here and there (cue print trousers, bold bags and chunky accessories) so I've put together a few of the Man Repeller's own quirky outfits (and let us remind ourselves here that she is, in fact, married - there's hope yet!)...
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