Something's gotta give

I've never encountered a more embarrassing revelation than when my own boyfriend called from work, fleetingly asked what I've been doing - and I struggled to answer. It's not because I'm dumb-stricken, mute or because I'm overwhelmingly busy in amongst a sea of interesting people. I genuinely am at a loss to what I've been doing. 

Well, no, let's rephrase that- I know what I've been doing, they're just not things that I want to admit to. While he's been at work answering important emails, overseeing the servicemen, and instructing a small army (look I don't know what he does at work, but that description is the closest I can offer), I've been watching Daybreak, scrolling my own tumblr and eating crackers out the packet.

Is this really my life has become. 

I feel somewhat like a cat woman minus the cats, or a stay-at-home mum... minus the baby. If we want to romanticize it - which, I do - I feel a little Bridget Jones-esque, pulling back on my arrow of life to be shot in another direction. It's a bit sad really. I guess I can get away with days like this because I'm a 'student' and we're renowned for our laziness  (but hark! I'm wearing a dress and lipstick and I did manage to make a fish tray bake for lunch). The flat is clean, my bags are packed, presents wrapped, and I've had a bath. So, really. I have no reason to be worrying...

Although some say that admitting you're in denial is the first steps towards self-improvmence. I think. (I wouldn't know, because I've never accepted denial - it's a catch twenty-two, really). So to better myself - and have more to talk about than wronged politicians or Pinterest boards; I, Alessandra D'angelo, hereby vow to enrich my life with more culture, more fulfillment, and less cream crackers. 
  1. See every London museum (V&A, British History...)
  2. Visit a case at the Supreme Court (12th November)
  3. Go to Winter Wonderland
  4. Be up early to catch the Farmer's Market at Covent Gardens
  5. See fireworks on bonfire night
  6. The Ideal Home Show (13th Nov)
  7. Christmas shopping in Fortnum and Maison
  8. Mid-morning breakfast in central London
  9. Meet mum at Bicester Village (29th Nov)
  10. Take a trip to Exeter to see A and eat dinner by the seaside
  11. Learn to gift wrap - make handmade presents for family stocking fillers


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