Spices, fresh dough and seasonal fruit

It's not hard to be a huge foodie this time of year. Autumn brings with it wades of seasonal fruits and vegetables ready to be chopped, diced and sliced into warming evening meals. This year, I've already experimented with cinnamon, star anise and thyme. I've spent lazy afternoons kneading different doughs, rolling pastries and slaving away trying to thin my homemade pasta out (blister inducing work - no wonder those Italian mama's arms are so toned).

I'm looking forward to new flavours and stepping a little bit out of my kitchen-comfort-zone (with probably a few bin shames). I'm thinking big bowles of thick tagliatelle laden with tomato and garlic sauce, and sprinkled with dried chili flakes. Roasted chicken and rosemary potatoes. Breakfasts of poached eggs, grilled farmhouse bread and rock salt. Casserole-dishes of baked pasta shells, sun dried tomatoes, olives and thyme. Apple and cinnamon pastries topped with giant sugar crystals. Not forgetting evening drinks like baileys hot chocolates, Irish coffees, nutmeg and cream iced lattes with grated dark chocolate and lashing of almond milk with warm honey. 


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