- Dreaming of caramel skin and sandy feet - Fluffy vanilla gelato - Mountain hikes in warm sun and cool ocean breezes - City lunches in San Fransisco, Miami and Sydney - Off the shoulder dresses and tops - Lace up sandals - Street food markets in Salt Lake City - Adventuring through Nevada and seeing the red rocks of Utah - Electric blue oceans to scale miles in a catamaran - Seafood paella with salty skin and hot sun, crisp wine and slow rocking of the afternoon waves - Nooks to read my books for hours on end - Jumping from one city to another, plane hopping without worrying about stock chasing, invoice matching, customer returns or debit notes - Fresh pineapple and guava - Weekends spent in farmers markets and pop up restaurants - Wandering around art museums and riverside in sunny London summers - 

Today I'm obsessing over Lena Dunham's memoir (?) 'Not That Kind Of Girl' and craving avocado dip like you wouldn't believe. My life is on a tangent at the moment, waiting for a holiday, an adventure. I am consumed by the wanderlust inside me (and it reminds me how deeply this ran through my blood in London). I want to walk, cycle and swim miles on end in the warm air. Drink pineapple and gargle salt water from inside my scuba mask. I have this unwavering taste for organic, raw food that is broken only by my love of sticky barbecue pork and tortilla chips. We're having curried potatoes and dips for lunch which I think is a good compromise. I'll probably online shop because lakeside is so god damn far away! 

I feel like I will only be happy in life if I work for 6 months and take 3 months out Every. Single. Year. Me and Pete laugh over this sometimes, but i am more determined than ever to conquer my endlessly growing bucket lists. 

In other news... 

Deeply sad. Places to visit before they are gone, Maldives at number 2:

Restaurants with the best views:

A funny list of all the non fashion things girls love. So true on the flat lays: http://www.whowhatwear.com/fashion-girl-obsessions/slide3

Want want want this swimsuit (the great body and tan welcome too):

A bucket list of islands to visit: 

What The Rock eats in a single day: 


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